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Information of Tuscia Viterbese

The Tuscia land:

The Tuscia area - and in particular the area near the town of Viterbo - is rich in history and nature. In ancient times, Tuscia included large areas of Tuscany, Umbria and upper west Latium.

The traces of the Etruscans characterize this area, offering numerous opportunities to visit sites and cemeteries, ruins of ancient settlements of a refined and cultured people. Important necropolis are Norchia, Veio, Vulci, Sutri, Castel d'Asso, Barbarano Romano, Tuscania, Tarquinia and many other areas along the routes to the discovery of the Etruscan civilization.

In the Viterbese Tuscia, you can visit beautiful mansions and villas dating back to the Roman period, one of the most fertile periods and rich of cultural treasures. Gardens, orchards, villas, amphitheatres, baths: the Romans settled in this area, providing an imprint of their art and culture. The remains of the ancient Roman road map show the three main roads that crossed the Tuscia empire: Clodia, Cassia and Aurelia.

The history of Tuscia met a new period of splendor during the Renaissance. In the fifteenth century the Papal State controlled the territory of Viterbo and the fate of Tuscia binds in glove with the greatest noble Italian families: the Borgias, Della Rovere, Farnese, Odescalchi, Orsini, Pamphilij. Traces of that period are surely the Farnese Palace in Caprarola, the beautiful Sacred Forest of Bomarzo, the Odescalchi Palace in Bassano Romano, the charming Villa Lante in Bagnaia.

From a naturalistic point of view, Tuscia is a territory dominated by hills. The natural treasures of this area are represented by the succession of landscapes and nature parks of inestimable value. The Viterbo Maremma with its ancient tradition of transhumance, the regional natural reserves of Mount Rufeno, Selva del Lamone, Tuscania, Vico Lake, but also natural parks and archaeological sites. To list all the treasures of the Tuscia would be a difficult task, because it is an area where the routes are numerous and offer plenty of choice to those who intend to enjoy nature and its landscapes. The Calanchi, Bolsena Lake, but also the valley of the Fiora and the Cimini Mountains: everything in Tuscia is full of beauty and natural heritage as popular today as in ancient times.


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